About Yossi Kaplan

Yossi Kaplan MBA - Toronto Condos Expert

Yossi Kaplan is a Radio City Condo owner and an experienced realtor in Toronto. Yossi has been transacting for himself and many Radio City buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants since 2005.  Yossi has an impressive knowledge of Radio City Condos and he will gladly give you a free price evaluation. He will explain what it takes to sell or buy at Radio City and tell you how long it would take and all the costs involved.

Would you like Yossi Kaplan to tell you how much your Radio City condo is worth? Are you interested in buying or leasing at Radio City? Let me know, use the form below!

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*note: for all Radio City Condos management questions, call management directly at 416-927-9665.

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