Five Great Value Investment Condos You Can Buy Now


Five Great Value Condos You Can Buy Now

Buy Today Because They Will Be Worth More Tomorrow


Do you want to make money? Have you considered an investment in Toronto Real Estate? We continue to help clients grow their portfolio in Real Estate and have options for every budget and preference. Below are five great value investment condos you can buy now. They are condos designed for the future.

The condos featured in this article are recently built or nearing completion. Each of the buildings are within a 10 minute walk radius to Yonge and Bloor, a major commuting artery in the city. We expect property values in this area to grow 10-15% year-over-year due to increasing demand to live in the downtown core.


Condos Available:

17 Dundonald St – One Bedroom 530 sq ft – 9th floor – from $430k

28 Wellesley St E – One Bedroom 487 sq ft – 10th floor – from $350k

22 Wellesley St E – One + Den 913 sq ft – 4th floor – from $460k – (1) Parking

5 St Joseph – One Bedroom 507 sq ft – 39th floor – from $420k

365 Church St – One + Den 500 sq ft – 9th floor – call for availability


From an investment perspective, these condos are located in high-demand rental areas. You can do really well by owning a condo here and leasing it out, while receiving cash flow and enjoying the appreciation. Your tenants are young, smart professionals, lowering your risk as an owner. Leasing out a one bedroom condo will bring you $1,800-$2,200/mo in rents. That’s over $21,000 annually to you!

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17 Dundonald St – One Bedroom For Sale

530 sq ft – from $430k – 9th floor – North exposure 



28 Wellesley St E – One Bedroom

487 sq ft – from $350k – 10th floor – North exposure



22 Wellesley St E – One + Den

913 sq ft – from $460k – 4th floor 

22-wellesley-east-one-den-for-sale-contact-yossi-kaplan 22-wellesley-e-one-den-for-sale-contact-yossi-kaplan


365 Church St – One + Den

500 sq ft – call for availability – 9th floor – West exposure



5 St Joseph –  One Bedroom For Sale

507 sq ft – from $420k – 39th floor – West exposure





Yossi Kaplan is a friendly & experienced Toronto Realtor and Mortgage Agent. Contact Yossi with any questions regarding your existing properties or purchase requests.

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