Radio City Condos Amenities

Radio City Condos Amenities - 3rd Floor

Radio City Condos Amenities – 3rd Floor

Radio City Condos amenities are spread over three half floors in the North Tower, 285 Mutual St.

The third floor hosts the party room, which is made of two sections, a TV/media room and a billiards room. In order to use the party room, you have to book it with the concierge. The TV room and the billiards rooms can be used by grabbing the keys from concierge.

Radio City Condos Amenities - 4th Floor

Radio City Condos Amenities – 4th Floor

The fourth floor hosts the gym, change rooms, saunas and an aerobics room. This room is not used frequently. It is perfect for yoga, stretching and wight-less cardio routines. Your FOB will give you access to the gym and change rooms, however the aerobics room need to be opened by security.

Radio City Condos Amenities - 5th Floor

Radio City Condos Amenities – 5th Floor

The fifth floor hosts the two guest suites, a meeting room and a the rest of the floor is used by the property management. The guest suites can be booked at concierge and there is a fee per use, deposits checks are required and some paperwork is required as well. That is common in most condo buildings.

The pros of Radio City Condos Amenities:

  • Well maintained facility
  • Compact yet efficient gym
  • Good clean change rooms
  • Nice saunas
  • Beautiful, large, party room
  • Two guest suites are useful when you own a small condo and need room for out of town guests

The cons of Radio City Amenities:

  • The facilities are spread over three half floors, sharing the space with residents. That means that residents on these floors may be exposed to noise and lack of privacy. A better design would dedicate an entire floor to the amenities without any residents.
  • The gym is small.
  • The aerobics room, the billiards room and the TV room are not accessible by FOB. If you wanted to used them security needs to go up and open for you. If security is busy or on patrol, you’ll have to wait.

Overall , the facilities are good, clean and kept in great condition, the main drawback is lack of immediate accessibility via FOB (this can be corrected) and that the floors are split with residents (that can not be changed).



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