Radio City Condos Sales Summary 2013

Radio City Condos Sales Summary 2013

View from Radio City Condos – Looking East

In 2013, Radio City Condos saw condo 29 sales (not including townhouses). Considering that there are approx 400 condo units within the two towers, about 7.25% of all condos changed hands, or one in fourteen approximately.

The facts about Radio City Condo sales in 2013:

  • average asking price for a condo: $402,814
  • average sold price was $403,641
  • average % of asking: 99.62%
  • average tax per unit sold: $2,209 ($184/mo.)
  • average days on market: 19
  • the cheapest condo sold for was $265,000
  • the most expensive condo sold for was $795,000
  • 13 units sold at North Tower – 285 Mutual St. – 45% of total sales
  • 16 units sold at South Tower – 281 Mutual St. – 55% of total sales

 What can we learn from the numbers?

  • Radio City Condos is highly requested and has an active market
  • The asking price is nearly 100% of actual sale price. That means that units are well priced and that these prices are accepted.
  • 19 days average on market is relatively quick. That figure includes a few days for removal of conditions so the real deals happen within a week or so.

Most importantly, get this:

  • If you are looking to buy or rent at Radio City Condos, you’d better be prepared and have an excellent Realtor on your side. These units go quickly.
  • If you are looking to sell at Radio City Condos, get the best Realtor you can find. Get someone who knows Radio City Condos inside out. You’ll need someone who is smart and reliable on your side to help you get the maximum value for your unit.

In short, when you are looking to buy, sell or rent at Radio City Condos, you need to call Yossi Kaplan. Yossi is an original owner at Radio City Condos, and has transacted for many buyers, sellers and renters in the building. Yossi knows Radio City Condos inside-out. He is a win-win negotiator. Good with numbers. Well connected, and, a nice guy!

Contact Yossi now.

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Notes & Disclaimer:

All information quoted above is publicly available. We have compiled this information from MLS for units listed sold at 281 & 285 Mutual St. If you are interested to have the specific unit information emailed to you, or have a question regarding any unit at Radio City Condos, simply send us an email using the Contact Form.

MLS reports the difference between the LAST asking price and the reported sold price. That means that if a unit’s asking price was, for example, $420,000,and later reduced to  $404,000 and finally sold for $400,000, the % of asking would be reported as 99%.

Radio City Condos Sales Summary 2013


Yossi Kaplan is a friendly & experienced Toronto Realtor and Mortgage Agent. Contact Yossi with any questions regarding your existing properties or purchase requests.

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